1. Hasna loves science. she has science on Monday and Friday
  2. on tuesday she has 2 subjects : math and english
  3. on monday and thursday she has 3 subjects : science , PE, and indonesian
  4. she has go to school on monday – thursday
  5. she is very busy on friday and tuesday
  6. she does not go to school on monday and sunday
  7. on wednesday she has 3 subjects
  8. on thursday she has math, religion , indonesian and social studies
  9. she has PE on wednesday
  10. she has math on monday and thursday
  11. she has civics on tuesday and wednesday
  12. she has science on friday and tuesday
  13. on friday , she has science and review
  14. on thursday , she has religion and social studies
  15. on monday, she has 3 subjects
  16. on wednesday, she has computer and review
  17. on thursday , she has math and indonesian
  18. she is busy on monday and tuesday
  19. she is busy on monday and thursday
  20. she has math, indonesian and social studies on mondays