1. An animator
  2. A dentist
  3. A fashion designer
  4. Take the medicine
  5. Meilin has long straight hair
  6. Dona has short curly hair
  7. Dona has round eyes
  8. She goes to school by bycycle
  9. My school is so big
  10. It has three floors and a lot of rooms
  11. On the first floor there are classrooms
  12. A library, an infirmary, and toilets
  13. Downstairs, in the basement there is a science laboratory
  14. A big parking area, a teacher’s office
  15. A computer room, a canteen and toilets
  16. There are two laboratories in my school
  17. A language laboratory and a science laboratory
  18. The language laboratory is upstairs on the second floor
  19. It is between room 4 and room 5
  20. I have a toothache
  21. I have an earache
  22. I have a headache
  23. I have a stomachache
  24. I wish you a speedy recovery
  25. Draw a straight line
  26. Zahra and Dania both go to Mulia primary school
  27. Don’t scream in front of her face
  28. Bela sent me a letter
  29. he’s a farmer, he has buffalos, cows and sheep
  30. he’s a doctor, comes to see you when it hurts
  31. we are in fifth grade
  32. she usually sits next to me
  33. her hobbies are singing and playing the guitar
  34. when she grows up, she wants to be a musician
  35. she lives at jalan pramuka 21
  36. The girl give her shoes for charity
  37. I eat three times a day
  38. Our class starts at 07.00 a.m
  39. The birthday party starts from 07.00 p.m
  40. the library is the 3rd room on the right
  41. room 2a is the 2nd door on the right
  42. They are famous family in this city
  43. Budi studies so hard for national examination
  44. Mom carries the baby with stroller
  45. The market opens 24 hours a day
  46. Bird flies and fish swims
  47. The sun rises in the east
  48. The sun sets in the west
  49. Cat has 4 legs
  50. The boy is very polite