1. people
  2. sitting down
  3. shaking hands
  4. teacher
  5. say your name
  6. write your name
  7. show your name
  8. spell your name
  9. what’s your name?
  10. how do you spell your name?
  11. yes, that’s right
  12. good morning
  13. good evening
  14. good night
  15. good afternoon
  16. where are the people?
  17. is it in the afternoon?
  18. what is the teacher’s name?
  19. is he an english teacher?
  20. how many students are there in the class?
  21. how are you?
  22. i’m great, thank you
  23. sorry, i have to go now
  24. stand up
  25. swing your arms up
  26. rise up on your tippy toes
  27. reach up for the sky
  28. reach high
  29. touch your toes
  30. what’s your favorite subject at school?
  31. math is my favorite subject
  32. i like science and English
  33. it’s seta’s schedule
  34. setta has math and english on Mondays
  35. he has two subjects on Tuesdays
  36. an amrchair, a painting and a sofa
  37. a tv, a cupboard and a mirror
  38. a radio, a bookcase and a picture
  39. the green table is in front of the sofa
  40. the lamp is behind the yellow sofa
  41. the lamp is beside the yellow chair
  42. the painting is on the wall
  43. the tv is on the bookcase
  44. the bookcase is beside the tv
  45. the radio is under the table
  46. there is a mirror on the wall
  47. there are two armchairs beside the table
  48. sweep the floor and mop the floor
  49. clean the window and dust the sofa
  50. a tidy living room and a messy living room