1. The sun rises in the east
  2. The sun sets in the west
  3. I wake up at 5 AM
  4. The market opens 24 hours a day
  5. I drink milk every morning
  6. Bird flies and fish swims
  7. We go to school by bus
  8. She goes to school by bycycle
  9. My friend lives in Bandung
  10. Sonia says everything is going to be alright
  11. Dad buys new console game
  12. Budi studies so hard for national examination
  13. Mom carries the baby with stroller
  14. Tiger tries to eat the deer
  15. She goes to the market every 7 p.m
  16. He watches TV after working
  17. My mom washes the dish every night
  18. My mother is a teacher
  19. They are not from the same class
  20. Are you Mr. Hadi?
  21. Is she a student?
  22. Bela sent me a letter
  23. We are from Bandung City
  24. He tells us about old house story
  25. You are the best student in this class
  26. Is this your pencil, Andi?
  27. She is a banker
  28. Don’t scream in front of her face
  29. Robby loves her
  30. This is Ani’s book
  31. They are from the same class
  32. They are famous family in this city
  33. Some of them are from Bekasi
  34. This painting is so amazing
  35. That garden is theirs
  36. The girl give her shoes for charity
  37. I eat three times a day
  38. Our class starts at 07.00 a.m
  39. I am a doctor
  40. Rabbit eats vegetables
  41. I am excited about this good news
  42. Cat has 4 legs
  43. She is so beautiful
  44. The birthday party starts from 07.00 p.m
  45. I arrive at home at 06.00 a.m
  46. She likes burger
  47. I read a book
  48. He is not a teacher
  49. I don’t like burger
  50. I don’t read a book
  51. The boy is very polite
  52. They study for three hours every night
  53. Do you know where my book is?
  54. Is your mother a teacher?
  55. Do you sleep with a pillow?