Now, i want to talk to you about one of the most important subjects in life and it’s how to stay productive during any crisis. The key to success in life is task completion a crisis and your ability to manage a crisis is the testing time in human life. Your ability to be productive to dicipline yourself to do the right things in the right way over and over again. When there’s nobody even watching you, there’s nobody diciplining you, this is a bassically a testing time. This is the where people test it themselves by learning different way to produce high amounts. Most people if the don’t have a structured environment start to kind of fall apart, their levels of productivity start to drop. Now before we even start, i want to say one thing is the key to success in life is task completion.

Now while we all face difficult problems now and again, a crisis presents a high level of difficulty because it’s almost always an unexpected and unprecedented situation. That is affecting more than just ourselves. A crisis and your ability to manage a crisis is the testing time in human life and so what we’ll talk about here is how you manage your time during the crisis that we’re going through today. During a crisis situation, you may have the misconception that everything is beyond your control. But i want you to remind of one thing, you will always be able to control, no matter what the outside world looks like and that is your dedication to becoming the best possible version of yourself, and focusing on your goals. Whether it’s your business or your personal life or even your mindset. A crisis situation is a time to adapt not pause and not become discouraged.

So now, i want to share a few tips to help you stay productive during any crisis.
Number one, don’t worry about things that you cannot change. Always ask is the problem you’re facing a problem or a fact. Now a problem is something that is amenable to a solution. You can sit down with others. You can write it down. You can look at the alternatives and you can decide to do one thing or another. A fact is something that you can’t change. So never get upset about a fact and one of the things that i learned is that most people are unhappy today, all the psychologists and psychiatrists are dealing with patients who are talking about facts, they’re talking about past events. A past event that has occured is a fact and you can’t change it. Past event with regard to your family and your previous relationship and your wives and financial decisions that you’ve made and people that have hurt you and so on. These are all facts, because they’re past events that you can’t change.

So what you do is you make decision and you say and this is what i decided many years ago, no regrets, if something happened and it didn’t work out and it cost me time and money and pain and so on, no regrets. Accept it, learn from it, and move on. Remember your ability to respond effectively your response ability is what’s going to make you better and stronger in the future.

Number two, dare to step out of your comfort zone. Be prepared to approach difficulties differently than you have before. One the things that i’ve learned is that the greatest enemy of success in business is the comfort zone. Harvard University did a study in 2013 about your business model and what they found is that about 80% companies are using a business model that is obsolete, partially obsolete or a lot obsolete or completely obsolete and they are forced there it’s very strong about stayin in the comfort zone. They do everything possible to keep on doing what they were doing before and so your ability to get out of your comfort zone. It’s very very important is to expand your thinking so this is your narrow thinking expand it and look at all the possibilities that are available.
One the thing i learned many years ago is always be open to the possibility that you could be wrong. Always be open to the possibility that what you’re doing today is wrong.

Now the third way to be more productive is don’t let your emotions control your behaviour. Stay calm and clear as you focus on the future. Take a deep breath, look into the crisis and ask yourself what exactly has happened is what can we do about this situation, is what can we learn from this situation and so on. So you don’t let your emotions control your behaviour. Now here’s an interesting discovery. When you ask questions what exactly has happened, how did it happen, when did it happen, who is involved whit it, what can we do about it. When you ask questions, you keep yourself calm and make your mind clear and you come upw with ideas to solve your situation. So this is very important.

Number four is to look for the good in any situation. Don’t get weighed down by the negativity of a crisis or a setback or a problem is. Take a deep breath and say there must be something good here that we can use. Some years ago one of the richest men in America, was a named W Clement Stone, and what he did is whenever there was a problem in his company people were trained to say that’s good and then find something good about the problem. And he eventually expanded all over the world and all over the world every new manager was taught to say that’s good. Now what is it about this situation that is good and so everybody focused on finding something good and they always found something good and the company grew to become one of the most successful companies in the world. And he grew to become almost a billionaire starting off as an orphan. Selling newspapers on the streets of Chicago.

Number five is continue to take action. Keep moving forward to reach your goals. Don’t sit and think or watch television. Is take action keep moving forward keep trying different things. Remember action is everthing. Peter Drucker wrote about strategic planning which we teach in other places and what he said was the ultimate end of all strategic plan planning is action. Now, discussion leads to decicions which lead to action. Now, but is always action now. So ask yourself what actions can i take immediately to help me to achieve my most important goals? If you’re in business you most important goals are to increase your sales, the profitability and your income. So what can you do now to increase revenue generation and to keep moving forward toward achieving your goals to completing your tasks, to helping yourself and your company. Move onward and upward.

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